Zippy Chips is owned and operated by us, Chris and Brandi. In 2012, we became involved with an annual charity 5K race held in Garland, TX. At that time, the race was small and participants were being timed by hand. In 2013, we became the race directors. The small race became a larger race, and it became clear that hand timing all of the participants was going to be a great stretch. In 2014, we were again directors of the 5K, and we began searching in earnest for a chip timing company that wouldn't eat up all of the profits from the race--it was all going to a charity after all! We were unsatisfied with our search. The options available were too expensive, provided too few services, or had to be booked too far in advance. We wanted the charity race to raise as much funds as possible, while still being professional-looking, fun for the participants, and draw as many sponsors as possible. That meant we needed to start our own company that could meet the goals we had for the race we were directing. With Zippy Chips individual times are highly accurate, preliminary results are available to the runners in real time, official results are available more quickly, and the overall race experience is more professional.


As we enter our fourth year of operation we'd like to thank the events and race directors that have put their faith in us.