Standard Race Timing Package


Coordination meeting

Assist in race planning activities

- establishing on-line registration (

- provide award, T-shirt, and bib printing contacts

RFID tagging and encoding of custom bibs (optional, and event must supply bibs 2 weeks in advance)


Race day:

We will arrive 2-3 hours before race start

Train your volunteers for race day entries

Manually enter day of registrants

Supply unbranded, barcoded, pull tag bibs with 2 disposable RFID tags each, and safety pins 

Setup an up to 18 foot wide start/finish line and finishing chutes (16 foot wide pictured above)

Overhead truss with start and finish banners (hang your banners & balloons here also)

Support "gun start" or "chip start" timing

32" flat panel race clock that scrolls results and displays finishers in real time

Live results kiosk with printer for participants

Employ redundant RFID receivers for highest reliability

Manual timing backup

Finish line video

Timely results printout for awards

PA system (50W) at no additional charge with advance notice


Post Race:

Official results posted online within 24 hours

Optional hosting of race results and pictures on

Finish line video posted online

Summary of all collected participant data to race director (we will not use your participant data)


Additional Services/Special Circumstances 

Multiple timed events


Long events (> 15 K)

Wave starts

Start and finish in different locations

Untimed event bibs