Standard Pricing

Timed Participants Cost
1-100 900
101-200 975
201-300 1050
301-400 1175
401-500 1325
501-600 1500
601-700 1675
701-800 1850
801-900 2025


>1000 contact us


A Note About Slight Overages

The natural question to ask when you see a pricing table like ours is something like, "What happens if I get 302 runners? Wouldn't those last two lose me money?" Based strictly on the table, yes they would. We believe that it is wrong to penalize successfully attracting as many participants as possible. Therefore, in the case of a slight overage (9 or less participants), you will only be charged the preceding tier standard price, plus $10 per additional runner. For example, in the case of 302 timed participants, you will be charged $1050 (201-300 price) plus $20 (for runners 301 and 302) for a total of $1070, instead of $1175 (301-400 price). That means an additional $105 profit for your race. That isn't huge, but we believe it is right that every participant counts toward your bottom line, not against it.

Standard Service Area


Timing is available within the primary (dark orange) and extended (light orange) service areas.  A mileage surcharge will apply in the extended service area.

Additional Fees

Situation Cost

Additional Timed

Simultaneous Events

75 each 

Additional Timed

Consecutive Events

125 each

Events over 15K or

Consecutive Timed Events

50/hr over 3 hr

Unchipped Bibs for

Untimed Events (units of 100)



(required if no on site power)


As you can see, our pricing is deliberately simple.  We tried to include everything up front.